Case Studies

Jim Dyson

Jim usually drove his car to work, but on one fateful day he decided to ride his bike instead. Just as he reached an intersection, his light turned green. Since his view was obstructed… More >>

Phoebe Fillmore

After settling all of the medical liens and paying the attorney, Phoebe had netted about $180,000. Phoebe was 12 years old and playing at a neighborhood friend’s house when she was singled out and… More >>

Sarah Parker

Sarah found herself unexpectedly widowed with little savings and a lot of bills. Sarah, a mother of five, can still recall the horrifying moment surrounding the phone call. Two of her boys had just… More >>

Scott Turner

In 2001, Susan Turner lay in a hospital bed, wondering if her newborn baby would live more than a few hours. Minutes before, Scott had been delivered with the umbilical cord wrapped around his… More >>