Our Firm

Bentzen Financial is committed to professionalism, ethics and integrity.  Our four decades of combined experience in the structured settlement industry affects how we approach the factoring business.  We bring the same financial planning approach to factoring as we did with structured settlements.  Our goal is to give annuitants the information and options they require to make informed decisions.

Rhonda Bentzen

Rhonda Bentzen, CSSC

Rhonda entered the structured settlement business as a broker in 1988 and she received her Certified Structured Settlement Consultant designation in 1999.  After IRC 5891 was implemented, Rhonda saw a unique opportunity to work with her fellow brokers to effect change in the factoring business.  In 2002, she became the first structured settlement professional to enter the factoring arena.  Her goal then, as it is now, was to bring professionalism and integrity to an industry renowned for marginal ethics and high pressure sales.

Sean Bentzen

Sean Bentzen, Ph.D

Sean earned his Ph.D in political science in 2014, specializing in the study of corruption in American and international politics.  His responsibilities include government and industry related research, strategic lobbying, and complementing Bentzen Financial’s reputation for the vigorous pursuit of ethics and professionalism in the factoring industry.