Our Approach

When I was a structured settlement broker, I thoroughly explored all income, potential income, government benefits, vehicles that may need to be purchased or replaced in the future, children’s education, upcoming potential medical bills, re-training costs and timeframes, and the list could go on and on. When an annuitant comes to me now wanting to explore cashing out some of their structure, my company takes that same settlement planning approach to unwinding structures as I used to when putting them together. In a lot of circumstances the structure is the only form of income a person has and it is brutally important to attempt to not only preserve as much of it as possible but to take many external factors into consideration as well. It takes people with experience and knowledge of the product to fully understand and be appropriate to handle the request. Who would you want handling a complex trust or estate case, for example? Clearly you would want to know that the person has the background and knowledge to understand the nuances of the more complex cases and furthermore has an expert staff to take it to completion.

We involve annuitants in every facet of the payment transfer process and make every effort to facilitate complete understanding of what is happening. Education, exploration of options and disclosure are the keystones of our business model. This is the only way we believe our clients can make truly informed decisions without the burden of regret.