About Us

We are a low overhead, referral-based business. Our platform is very simple: we seek relationships with settlement planners, attorneys and structured settlement annuity brokers who will refer the few people who really need to discuss a factoring transaction with a professional you can trust. If a broker doesn’t help an Annuitant who is seeking liquidity, that person may end up in the hands of the “cash now” companies that advertise on TV. As a matter of fact, the majority of annuitants referred to us already have quotes from these firms! We consistently beat their quotes by significant margins; sometimes as much as 100%.

How do we do this? We simply do not have the marketing costs and overhead that the “cash now” companies have to recover when quoting a deal. The costs incurred by these large companies for rooms full of telemarketers, glossy brochures, law society endorsements and all those commercial spots on cable TV are passed on to annuitants in the form of reduced lump sums. We take a different approach. We are a client-focused, value-driven business. What we lack in bravado we make up for in service, empathy and understanding. I implore you to wake up to the reality these Annuitants face and please let me help you as you help them.